Expert Cross Border Search

Flynn Global Search (FGS) is skilled and well versed in the challenges facing today’s leading global-market companies. Finding the right person to drive a European-based division or subsidiary can bring its own challenges, not the least of which is ensuring the candidate has a firm understanding of the US business mindset.

FGS has the experience you want and need when it comes to finding the individuals necessary to fill critical EMEA-based executive roles such as President, CEO, CFO, Chief Revenue Officer, or Chief Marketing Officer. We know the right leader in the right position can make a world of difference to a company’s bottom line.

We Know EMEA

As a boutique firm, FGS offers a smoother, more efficient, and successful search because we marry geographic reach with experience, knowledge, and understanding of how different cultural norms can impact a company. FGS has hands-on experience conducting search in European markets for US corporations and fully understands that global candidates need to have a comprehensive grasp of US business cultures and norms which can be quite different from European ones.

At FGS, we help our American client base find top-talent candidates who have experience working IN and WITH American companies. We fully understand that in order to be a successful top-tier executive leader, the candidate must possess a thorough understanding of US business models, as well as the various cultural differences, both corporate and national, that can come into play.


We’re Where You Need Us

With our base in Boston, we are well placed to easily interact with our US clients. It’s just as easy for us to fly to Frankfurt, Dublin, London, or Paris as it is to fly to San Francisco. The bottom line? We’re here for our clients.


Why FGS for Your EMEA Search

There are several reasons an EMEA search can fail, but FGS mitigates these issues. In fact, we don’t have these issues.

Larger firms frequently run into geographical candidate contention and client off-limits issues; we don’t because we don’t take on multiple clients within the same industry segment.

Nor do FGS clients need to worry about using a search firm that relies on different partners in different countries to manage a search … a process than can quickly become cumbersome and contentious. We promise partner-level attention for every search — and that includes all our cross border global searches.

Simply put, as a boutique cross-border search firm, we’re focused on your search and providing you with more and better top-talent candidates.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can make your cross-border executive search more effective and successful.